Each new day of the trial against Anders Behring Breivik has brought strange new glimpses into the mind of the Norwegian killer.

On Monday, day six of the terrorism and murder trial, Breivik said questions about his sanity are part of a racist plot to discredit his anti-Muslim, anti-immigration beliefs.

Because I am a militant nationalist, I am being subjected to grave racism, he told the court. They are trying to de-legitimize everything I stand for.

Breivik has admitted to the dual attacks that killed 77 people in Norway on July 22 but denies criminal guilt.

The main task of the Oslo court is now to determine the sanity of the 33-year-old. Breivik has been charged with acts of terrorism, 77 counts of murder and 42 counts of attempted murder and faces up to 21 years in prison. However, if the court decides that Breivik is, or was at the time of the attack, insane, then he could be institutionalized for the rest of his life.

Two earlier court-ordered psychiatric evaluations have produced two different conclusions, with one declaring him sane, but the most recent one asserting that Breivik suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.

I know I'm at risk of ending up at an insane asylum, and I'm going to do what I can to avoid that, he told the Oslo court on Monday, according to the Press Association. Furthering his racism charges, Breivik added that there would have been no psychiatric evaluation if he had been a bearded jihadist.

Monday's proceedings also marked the first time that Breivik has expressed any regret for his attacks. While being questioned by prosecutors, Breivik offered a large apology to the bystanders who were killed or injured by the car bomb that he detonated outside of government headquarters in Oslo. Breivik had previously stated that the main objective of his terror attacks was to completely destroy the building and bring down the government inside it.

However, Breivik did not have the same remorse for the 69 people -- most of them teenagers -- whom he shot to death at a camp on Utoya island. He still feels that the victims were legitimate targets because they were attending a youth camp organized by the Labour party, which he believes is aiding the deconstruction of Norwegian society through immigration and cultural Marxism.

“Utoya is a political indoctrination camp,” he said. “I see all multicultural political activists as monsters, as evil monsters who wish to eradicate our people, our ethnic group, our culture and our country.

Breivik also pointed out that he too suffered losses as a result of his murder spree.

One should remember that on July 22 I also lost . . . my entire family, all my friends . . . I also lost everything, he told the court.