After an uncontrollable giggling fit on Wednesday evening, Anderson Cooper admitted via Twitter he was embarrassed by his goofy laugh.

It's a goofy laugh, but I'm stuck with it, Cooper tweeted in response to a user commenting on his adorable laugh.

Anderson Cooper gained massive amounts of attention after a Wednesday night episode of his talk show Anderson Cooper 360 aired where he laughed uncontrollably during a report about French actor Gerard Depardieu urinating on an airplane.

The first round of jokes included, but was not limited to, Depardieu flies Incontinental, created his own jet stream, is used to being Pampered and Depends on it, showing graphics of child and adult diapers.

However, Cooper completely lost all control and burst into a fit of laughter upon reading a joke which said, [Air France] should thank their lucky stars it wasn't Depar-doo.

Cooper inevitably finished his report about Depardieu, who was caught urinating into an empty bottle on a flight from Paris to Dublin reportedly after a flight attendant asked him to wait.

Anderson Cooper responded to his lapse of apathy via Twitter admitting, Its embarrasing, but glad you laughed as well.

Fellow talk show host Ryan Seacrest gave Cooper a word of advice regarding giggling fits via Twitter as well, hey @AndersonCooper... BRILLIANT! But lower ur eyebrows & tuck the chin for speedy recover next time.

Click Play below to watch the video of Anderson Cooper giggling uncontrollably at his Depardieu joke.