Florida State rolled out the red carpet for prospective high school recruit Andrew Wiggins, with the university’s cheerleaders and student body coming up with creative ways to lure the basketball player to Tallahassee.

A group of Florida State girls wore white t-shirts with black letters spelling out “WE WANT WIGGINS,” while FSU cheerleaders held signs such as “FSU HAS HOTTER GIRLS” and “Seminoles Hunt Wildcats,” a reference to the Kentucky Wildcats, who are also pursuing Wiggins.

While the girls did their part to entice Wiggins to choose the Seminoles, Yahoo Sports noted that the FSU basketball team didn’t hold up their end to the bargain.

Wiggins attended the Florida State basketball game against rival Florida, with the Gators routing the Seminoles 72-47 in Tallahassee.

The highly sought after recruit, a small forward out of Huntington, W.Va., is listed as the No. 1 high school basketball prospect in the nation on Rivals.com.

So far, Wiggins has offers from FSU and Kentucky, although it’s early in the recruiting process. Most college basketball observers expect Wiggins to make a decision this spring.

The small forward is also garnering interest from perennial college basketball superpowers Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, Ohio State and Syracuse, according to Rivals.com.

The treatment Wiggins has been receiving is warranted, according to ESPN NBA insider Chad Ford.

Of Wiggins, Ford said, “He'd be the No. 1 pick in 2013 if he were eligible ... hands down. Many scouts feel he's a once or twice a decade type prospect . Gonna be a lot of team [sic] jockeying for the No. 1 pick next year,” the ESPN insider wrote in a chat Wednesday with ESPN.com visitors.

FSU student Felicia Willis was among the Florida State girls who spelled out “WE WANT WIGGINS” in white t-shirts. She used the Twitter hashtags #wewantwiggs, #getwiggins, and #NoleNation in a bid to get the highly sought after recruit to commit to Tallahassee.

Willis also used her Twitter handle, @fdubski, to trash talk Kentucky and dissuade Wiggins from choosing Lexington.

“The only thing good about the state of Kentucky is their fried chicken#KFC #GONOLES goodnight,” Willis tweeted.