The Angels are warring on Season 5, episode 6 of “Basketball Wives: LA.” Angel Brinks and newbie Angel Love got into a nasty argument that almost ruined their friendship on the latest episode of the VH1 reality series. The drama started at Malaysia Pargo’s ski trip to Big Bear Creek.

Monday’s episode kicks off with Angel Love arguing with Malaysia, Brandi Maxiell and DJ Duffey. The argument is a continuation of last week’s episode 5. When someone asks Angel Brinks, who’s close friends with Angel Love, what she thinks of the argument she doesn’t have much to say. Angel Love gets annoyed because she feels like Angel Brinks wasn’t sticking up for her. Angel Love is also mad when Duffey admits that she mixed cognac in Angel Love’s drink without telling her.

After the argument between Angel Love, Malaysia and Brandi, Angel Love confronts Angel Brinks to tell her how she feels about her not having her back. Angel Brinks tries to explain that she did have her friend’s side in the argument, but Angel Love is still mad. Both Angels decide to leave the vacation early.

The next day, after all the drama has died down, Malaysia, Brandi and Duffey reflect on the fight while having breakfast at their cabin. Brandi admits that she was ready to fight Angel Love and says she really doesn’t like her. Even though some chaos erupted between the girls, Malaysia thinks her trip to bring everyone together was a success and likes that Brandi and Shaunie were able to work out their issues.

Later during the episode, the Angels meet up to talk about their big blowup fight. Angel Love tells her friend that she could have done more and been more vocal during her argument with the other girls. Angel Brinks, however, wants Angel Love to apologize for saying she wishes she had friends like Malaysia and Brandi. Angel Love ends up apologizing to Angel Brinks, and they make up.

However, the drama still isn’t behind Angel Love. During a meetup with Jackie Christie, Duffey pops up and things quickly escalate between them. Angel Love and Duffey start taking jabs at each other — Angel Love says that Duffey has slept with just about the entire Dallas basketball team, and Duffey slams Angel Love for having three college degrees but working as a video girl. The two ladies go back and forth talking about each other, and eventually Duffey gets up and walks away.

Also during the episode, Tami Roman meets up with Duffey because her daughter Jazz is trying to become a rapper. Jazz starts rapping for Duffey, and the DJ says that she thinks Jazz is a star and is excited to work with her. Duffey even calls up her friend Slim Thug and introduces him to Jazz. Tami says in her confessional that she trusts Duffey to work with her daughter, but in sneak peek of next week’s episode it’s teased that Duffey and Tami get into an argument over Jazz’s career.