German Chancellor Angela Merkel celebrated Sunday as television exit poll results showed that she had won a third four-year term in Germany with an increased majority. Television exit polls showed her conservative bloc -- the Christian Democratic Union and Bavarian Christian Social Union -- holding 42.5 percent of the votes, far ahead of the second-place Social Democrats and on the verge of an absolute majority of seats.

Merkel has been a major player in the euro zone debt crisis, making her the center of media attention on the continent. While the cameras were rolling, some moments have been captured that raised eyebrows but also made spectators laugh. Take a look at five controversial and humorous moments of the German chancellor here. 

5. “One Should Have Not Accepted Greece Into The Euro Zone”

Speaking at a campaign rally in late August, Merkel expressed that she thought it was a mistake to have accepted Greece into the euro zone in 2000.

“This crisis has been formed over many years, through mistakes that were made when the euro was created. For example -- one should not have accepted Greece into the euro zone.”

4. Merkel Guides French President Francois Hollande Down The Red Carpet

Not so much a gaffe, but more of a humorous moment, Merkel took it upon herself to guide a bewildered French President Francois Hollande down the red carpet. Merkel is seen multiple times on camera literally holding Hollande’s hand throughout the entire process at a ceremony in Berlin in 2012.

3. Merkel Offers A Silly Gift To Hillary Clinton

At a state luncheon in 2011, Chancellor Merkel offered a gift to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – a framed newspaper containing a cropped front page photo depicting Clinton and Merkel dressed and postured similarly side-by-side. The front page was meant to be a sort of a "guess who’s who" feature, which Clinton thoroughly enjoyed, showing that Merkel has very much a sense of humor.

2. Merkel Mistakes French President Hollande For Francois Mitterrand

At a joint press conference in May with German Chancellor Merkel and French President Hollande, Merkel accidentally refers to Hollande as his predecessor Francois Mitterrand, who left office in 1995 and died in 1996. Merkel is quick to catch her mistake, but the camera captures it just as fast.

1. Merkel Moves Berlin To Russia

During a geography lesson at an international school in Europe, Merkel was asked to find Berlin on an unmarked map of Europe. She was quite off the mark, placing the German capital somewhere in Russia, showing that even she can make mistakes at times.