Brad Pitt's main squeeze, Angelina Jolie, is known for many things, one being her stunning appearance, and another -- fondness of tattoos. The actress has tattooed the co-ordinates of her (first) adopted son Maddox's birth on her arm. After Jolie tattooed Maddox's co-ordinates, she did the same for her other five children.

But before Maddox came along, Jolie had tattooed the name of her former husband, Billy Bob Thorton on her left shoulder. Their romance fizzled, and the tattoo has since been removed and replaced with her kids' birth co-ordinates. 

Megan Fox, who is also known for her knock-out good looks, has a few tattoos of her own. The Transformers actress, who has most recently been replaced by Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley, is starring in Armani's new summer ads, but her tattoos aren't.  

Jolie, who recently shot a Louis Vuitton campaign, also goes sans tattoos in the ads. 

Check out the pictures below and tell us which tats you prefer?