She is no magician, but one moment she is Angelina Jolie and the next, she transforms into Michael Jackson.

With over 5,885,000 subscribers already viewing her videos on YouTube, Promise Tamang Phan's make-up tutorials on Make-up transformation have gone viral on the Internet. Although Phan describes herself as a normal girl, who loves make-up, her talent is extraordinary.

All she needs is a few shades of eyeshadow, foundation, some make-up brushes and behold, she's a completely different person. A few sweeps of the brush across her face, obviously well planned and tricky, and there is her new look.


Phan as Michael Jackson

The Nepalese amateur make-up artist has already uploaded more than seventy videos showcasing make-up tricks, which she says are purely self-taught.

She has had over 96 million views since June 2009, when she started uploading her videos. Along with videos of transformation into some of the biggest personality lookalikes, Phan also has some tutorial videos for everyday make-up uploaded on fans' request.

Interestingly, her talent is not just limited to transforming herself into various female personalities. The 22-year-old artist can also look like a male with her make-up art. In one of the videos, one can see her turning herself into rapper Drake, which is commendable because she manages to not only get the right expression on her face, but also the stubble on her chin, upper lip and cheeks.


Phan as Drake

Phan has so far been able to duplicate the looks of some of the most beautiful women in the world, including Megan Fox, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Adriana Lima and Selena Gomez.

Her latest work is the most interesting of all. Using her face like a canvas, the artist has almost perfected the look of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece Mona Lisa.

Watching her videos, one cannot help but be spellbound with her tricks and the ease with which she does it. It certainly needs not only equipment and expertise, but also some good knowledge of the tricks of the trade with which one can change the overall shape of the nose, eyes brows, etc.

Wonderstruck viewers on Youtube have left comments appreciating her talent.

you're so? talented! wrote a viewer, u just dont? stop surprising! wrote another.

Phan's make-up tutorials have just started making it into news and some blog posts have already dubbed her One of the best make-up artists in history.

Phan does have an amazing talent. Check out her videos below.