Count the Angry Birds franchise mavens among those excited about the Mars Curiosity Rover landing, as they have added more levels to their Utopia planet, Mashable reported. Everyone's favorite cranky birds will be flying through the "air" on Mars.

Finnish game maker Rovio collaborated with NASA, as it did with its last launch in March, to produce a teaser about the "red planet update" to be released in the fall. The video has been released just days before the rover touches down on the red planet, Mashable explained.

The 350-million-mile interplanetary portion of the real-life mission to Mars is expected to be completed on Monday at 1:31 a.m. EDT, according to PC Magazine. The site also noted that the rover's mission is to discover if Mars might have supported life at one point, study the geology and climate on the Red Planet, and determine whether it would have potential for a "manned mission."

Rovio released an update with 20 new levels to the game last week, PC Magazine reported.

Angry Birds Space was a huge hit for the Finnish company upon its release in March: More than 50 million copies were downloaded in only 35 days.

According to Pocket Gamer the 30-second video starts with a noticed that says the Angry Birds are about to land on the red planet. The video asks the question that everyone wants to know about what will happen to the Mars Curiosity Rover when it lands: "What will it find?"

The clips in the short video shows the bird's shadows passing on the surface of the planet closest to Earth. Are the creators of Angry Birds trying to say that the Mars Curiosity Rover will find Angry Birds in space? If so, where there are Angry birds there has to be sinister piggie enemies as well.

The current version of Angry Birds Space can be bought for iPhone and Angry Birds Space HD for iPad in the App Store for about $0.99 and $2.99.

Take a peek at the Angry Birds teaser.