Activist Anna Hazare has inspired millions of this countrymen in India, and on Wednesday thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in cities like Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore.

"At the time I write this, millions of my countrymen are on the streets, fighting for a strong anti-corruption law. Many more are glued to their TV sets, watching developments as the initially defiant Indian government looks on track to eat humble pie," commented The Guardian's Chetan Baghat.

Haraze was arrested under questionable charges Tuesday. He had been leading the charge against a new, controversial anti-corruption bill, threatening to go on a hunger strike if the government doesn't do more to strengthen the proposed law.

"The act of arresting Anna is unconstitutional and we support the cause which he brought to light," V P Singh Rajawat, President of India's Bar Association of Revenue Board told the Times of India.

Supporters marched in the streets with banners reading "We Love Anna Hazare," and they chanted anti-government slogans. More than 2,500 protesters have been detained in Delhi alone, a move which Prime Minister Monhaman Singh supported.

In its current iteration, the Lokpal Bill would not allow top government officials to be investigated for corruption.

The Indian government has agreed to free Hazare, but the activist and Gandhian said he will not leave the prison until he has written assurance that the government will not interfere in his hunger strike.