Anna Malova, who was crowned the 1998 Miss Russia and placed in the top 10 for the 1998 Miss Universe, received one last chance from Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Ellen Coin to go through drug rehab or else stand trial and be deported, according to The Associated Press.

Malova, 39, was released from jail on Tuesday and allowed back into the residential rehabilitation center she was kicked out of in December for fighting. reports that she was halfway through the program before she was thrown in jail.

She faces charges of shoplifting and repeatedly forging prescriptions for painkillers, according to the New York Daily News.

You're going to get a last chance, said Coin to Malova after administrators for the Bronx facility agreed to take her back. You're very lucky, Miss Malova, because otherwise this case was going to be marked for trial.

Malova's defense lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, said that Malova not only understands the program's rules and will abide by them, but will also successfully complete the program.

The AP reports that Malova can get the case dismissed if she completes 18 months of treatment. However, the Daily News reports that if she fails, she can not only be tried and face seven years in prison, but also be deported.