Anonymous won't enjoy holiday on Labor Day for the hactivists will spearhead another protest at the Civic Center BART station at 5 p.m., according to the OpBART Twitter account.

The series of protest stem from Charles Hill, a homeless who was killed by BART officers in July. The event triggered strong criticism and protests from activists. On Aug. 11, BART authority shut down cellphone service at four San Francisco stations to prevent the demonstration. However, the response of protesters became more severe after that. This will be the fourth consecutive protest.

Two protesters were arrested at the Embarcadero station last week but no station was closed. The trains operated as usual, according to BART officials, as the protests were not allowed to take place inside the station. The announcement on the OpBART Twitter account also reminded the protesters not to pass through the fare gates either.

During the protest on Aug. 22, Civic Center and Powell stations in downtown San Francisco were shut down and over 40 protesters were arrest.

Partly because of Labor Day holiday, BART hasn't announce the warning to riders about the protest yet, according to BART spokesman Jim Allison.

Besides Anonymous, No Justice, No BART, another group of protesters, has also scheduled demonstration on Thursday, to protest the shooting of Hill, according to its Twitter account.

They said they will protest outside the fare gates of the Powell Street station at that time. But if the BART official interferes with the protest, they will enter the platform, which might disrupt train service.

No Justice, No BART, was established to protest against the shooting of Oscar Grant III by BART police on New Year's Day 2009.