A group of short-sellers, who earlier this month accused miner Silvercorp Metals of fraud, outlined new allegations against the company on Monday.

In a new anonymous posting on alfredlittle.com, the short-sellers accused the company of inflating its earnings and provided details on some earlier allegations.

Silvercorp, which operates silver mines in China, is the latest in a string of North American-listed China-focused companies to come under short-seller attack. Complaints center around murky finances, or items in corporate filings that the short-sellers say cannot be substantiated.

The company has dismissed all the anonymous allegations of fraud and accused short-sellers of attempting to run a short and distort scheme designed to drive down its share price.

Silvercorp shares were down 4.6 percent at C$6.50 at 11:10 a.m. (1510 GMT) on Monday on the Toronto Stock Exchange, while its U.S. listed shares were down 5.4 percent at $6.64.