With less than a week to go before “Arrow” returns for the second half of Season 4, the CW has finally released an extended-preview trailer for episode 10. Titled “Blood Debts,” the episode appears as if it will pick up where the midseason finale left off, forcing the series’ principal hero to go on a bit of a revenge spree.

The last time fans saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), he was cradling his brand-new fiancee, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), in his arms. They’d literally just gotten engaged when their limo was attacked by H.I.V.E. soldiers sent by the Season 4 main baddie, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough). With the love of his life on the verge of death, Oliver in the new trailer goes after the heavy with a powerful vengeance, stopping dozens of his men and eventually finding himself engaging in fisticuffs with the magical villain himself. According to ComingSoon.net, the midseason return will focus finely on Oliver’s intense search for the villain, but it’s unclear whether he’ll succeed in finally stopping him.

Arrow “Arrow” Season 4’s return will see the villain Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) finally take on the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell, who is not pictured). Photo: CW

In addition to the massive hunt for Damien Darhk, the trailer teases the return of Anarchy, the DC comics character who made his way to Star City in episode 2 of this season. Although Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow managed to stop him, it looks like he’ll come back to ask for a rematch, this time wielding a new pyroweapon and a pretty scary face mask.

The trailer also attempts to tease the outcome of Felicity’s struggle. After she was shot several times, the trailer indicates that she is in fact the one buried in the grave that was teased at the beginning of the season. However, that timeline doesn’t work, as the person who dies will have to do so roughly three months after the night Felicity gets shot. In addition, a recently leaked international teaser for the episode, which has since been removed, shows the same moment from the trailer below. In it, Donna Smoak (Charlotte Ross) reveals that Felicity has not been killed but been paralyzed.

Unfortunately, it seems fans will just have to wait until next week to have all their questions about the future answered.

“Arrow” Season 4 resumes on the CW Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 9 p.m. EST.