Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is exploring the possibility of legal action after a lewd photo was sent to a Seattle woman through Anthony's Twitter account, Politico reported.

Weiner has retained an attorney to determine if legal action is necessary to investigate the incident.

We've retained counsel to explore the proper next steps and to advise us on what civil or criminal actions should be taken, spokesman Dave Arnold said. This was a prank. We are loath to treat it as more, but we are relying on professional advice.

Weiner's staff immediately disavowed the tweet, which came with a photo depicting an anonymous man's crotch, saying that the Congressman had been hacked. The woman who received the tweet wrote an op-ed similarly attributing the tweet to people who had been harassing her since she began to follow Weiner on Twitter.

For his part, Weiner has taken the incident in good humor. A prolific Twitter user, he composed a tweet wondering if technology, including his toaster, was plotting against him. He told Politico that the wiener gags never get old, I guess.