The St. Louis County Police Department has released two new videos of an officer-involved shooting that lead to the death of 18-year-old Antonio Martin Tuesday night.

Authorities published two new videos on YouTube which shows the encounter at a Mobil gas station in Berkeley, Missouri – a town 2 miles away from Ferguson, Missouri, where unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot and killed in August by a white police officer.

This incident also involved a white police officer fatally shooting a black teenager; however, police say Martin was armed and pointed a handgun at the officer. The name of the 34-year-old police officer has not been released.

According to the St. Louis County Police Department, 31 cameras were on the scene – but just three caught images of the shooting. The first surveillance video footage was published Tuesday. Two more were released Wednesday afternoon.

The one entitled “Second Angle” shows Martin approaching the officer at the lower left of the screen. The third and final video shows the officer retreating. The action takes place at the upper left corner of the screen.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Berkeley Mayor Theodore Hoskins said the recent shooting cannot be compared to Michael Brown’s or Eric Garner’s deaths.

"Everybody don't die the same," Hoskins told reporters. "Some people die because the policeman initiated. Some people die because they initiated it. And at this point, our review indicates that the police did not initiate this, like Ferguson."

He said surveillance camera footage from the Mobil parking lot will be used for two separate investigations: one conducted by the City of Berkeley, the other by the St. Louis County Police Department.

“Our goal is to project the truth to the residents,” Hoskins said.

According to police, the officer was responding at approximately 11:15 p.m to a robbery call. When he arrived in the parking lot, he noticed two individuals on the side of the gas station’s building. When he approached them, one drew a gun.

The officer then fired three shots. One hit Martin, another hit the front tire on the officer's vehicle, and the third bullet has not yet been accounted for. The other man at the scene ran off.

St. Louis County Chief of Police Jon Belmar said all shots in the incident came from the officer’s gun. Martin was pronounced dead at the scene.

"These are nothing but tragedies," Belmar said about the shooting. The officer "will have to carry the weight of this for the rest of his life," he said.