Apollo Nida Did Apollo Nida cheat on Phaedra Parks? Photo: Twitter

Apollo Nida of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is in legal trouble, after being accused of stealing people’s identities to apply for loans and create more than 40 fraudulent bank accounts. An investigation into the operation began in February 2012, and he has subsequently been charged by federal authorities with bank fraud and identity theft. 

If convicted, he faces several years in prison. And this won’t be the first time he serves time in prison. Nida also served time in prison from 2004-2009 for auto title fraud. But now, he may also be in trouble with his wife, Phaedra Parks, after allegations that he cheated on her on Valentine’s Day.

While Parks was in New Orleans for a book signing, Nida was at a popular night club named Palace 2 in South Carolina on the most romantic day of the year. "I am here, Columbia SC Let us Go!!! Palace 2,” Nida wrote on Twitter. While he tweeted about being at the club, according to fans, that was not his only stop of the evening. “Thanks. Had a great night chilling with you and bro at Mobay [bar and restaurant] and Palace," a brunette named @audigirl23 commented on his profile page the next day. Fans also posted on Twitter, saying they saw Nida leaving the night club with another woman who was not Parks.

To add to the speculation, another woman, @rachelraad tweeted, "I think I saw you at Urban Nirvana Spa today while I was at Starbucks. Too bad you were not with Phaedra but that other woman.”

Then, on Saturday on Instagram, a woman named @luv_nicole posted pictures of herself with Nida, and they had their arms around each other during a warm embrace. "Apollo was so nice," she wrote as a photo caption. While one photo  showed her legs wrapped around Nida, she wrote "Idk why he tried to pick me up tho [sic]."

If he did cheat on Parks, this would not be the first time he has been accused of stepping out on his wife. On “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Nida was accused of engaging in inappropriate conduct with fellow cast mate Kenya Moore. He since denied their relationship was inappropriate, though there were numerous text messages between the two that Parks had been unaware of.

“I’ve apologized to Phaedra numerous times,” Nida later said, admitting it was wrong for him to be in private correspondence with Kenya. But he denied any wrong doing regarding the nature of the messages. “My text messages weren’t sensual. They’re not sexual in any way.”