HTC has become the latest victim of Apple’s infringement charges where the Cupertino-based company has won over a US Trade Commission judge who said that HTC has infringed two Apple patents.

The judge specifically mentioned that HTC has infringed patents 5,946,647 and 6,343,263. The first talks about receiving information that can then be used by a single communication from the user like receiving a phone number, automatically highlighting it, and tapping the screen to call. The second one relates to the processing of real-time data on a handset.

The recent issue has caused major problems for all the companies manufacturing Android devices as the patent infringement charge stands against Android and not only against HTC and if the ruling stands then Apple can go after every Android manufacturer producing smartphones and tablets in the US and demand a ban on them. This would also take Android out of Apple’s way.

The ruling, however, is still a future prospect as the appeal will be reviewed by six International Trade Commission representatives, and if they agree then Apple will decide its next move. Android, at the moment, is iOS’ biggest competitor, the Geek reported.