Apple Inc.'s next-generation tablet -- dubbed iPad 3 -- will reportedly launch next February, according to a Citi analyst. Among several new features, it will boast a Retina display and Siri.

The iPad 3 will launch in February with a Retina display double the resolution of Apple's most recent model, the iPad 2, Citi analyst Richard Gardner said in a research note, CNet reported.

Based on information from several sources, Gardner also said there do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining to delay iPad 3 launch beyond February.

Apple fans also think the technology giant has planned to launch iPad 3 in February to coincide with the birthday of its late co-founder Steve Jobs. If the legendary tech genius was alive today, he would be 57 years old on Feb. 24, 2012.

Will Gardner's prediction come true? Or will it end up as just another rumor? We have to wait till February to find that out. But here's food for thought -- what new features do you think the iPad 3 will bring? Better battery? Bigger screen? Start the slideshow to find out the top five new features we expect Apple's next tablet will boast.

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