An Apple iPhone 4 which fell from a height of 13,500 feet miraculously survived and was found good enough to make calls with.

The incident happened in Minnesota, when the phone slipped from the pocket of a skydiver who jumped out of a plane flying at 13,500 feet.

As unbelievable as it sounds, my phone had fallen 13,500ft, and was still sending out a signal, Jarrod McKinney, the skydiver, told CNN.

He had placed the phone in his pocket and fastened it with a Velcro zip, but the phone slipped out when he jumped. When he realised that he didn’t have the phone on him McKinney though the phone was gone for good, especially because it already had a crack on the glass.

However, he took his iPad and ran the 'Find My iPhone' app. Surprisingly, the iPhone still sent and received signals and it was traced out. The glass screen had gone to smithereens in the impact of the fall, but it remained functional.

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