Apple has filed a patent application for an advanced halogen-free flame retardant material which could be used in future Apple products.

Patently Apple reported that the new material will be integrated into the manufacturing of Apple products like keyboards, mice, iPods, the iPad, cabling and more.

Apple's invention provides for a halogen free resin composition that includes at least one thermoplastic polymer, an inorganic filler and a flame retardant additive that is described as being self-fire extinguishable, the blog said.

Apple's proposed invention provides halogen-free flame retardants, resins that include halogen free flame retardants, and plastic components made from such materials, says the report.

In some embodiments, the invention relates to a composite resin molded article having excellent flame retardancy, electric insulation properties, and crack resistance, and produces only negligible amounts of toxic substances during incineration, if any at all.