It's not just tech geeks who seem to be obsessed by the iPhone 5, it has become a source of inspiration for artists too, who dream up a host of new concepts for the next generation iPhone everyday.

While each of the mock-ups carry stunning new features, they all look different from each other.

We still do not know when the iPhone 5 will hit the market, but we continue fantasizing about the most-desired phone of this year.

Check out the top five concept designs developed by Apple lovers from all over the world. Please do not forget to let us know which is your most favorite. And do not hesitate to send us your futuristic concept of the sixth generation iPhone.

1.       'Pro' Concept - A Grand Combination of 3D Camera, DSLR Mount

Apple has reportedly, placed orders for a 4.6-inch screen for its next-generation smartphone. The report came in Reuters which cited a South Korean publication, the Maeli Business Newspaper.

The report has enthralled Apple lovers so much that South Korean product designer Jinyoung Choi has designed a fabulous iPhone 5 concept based on that rumor. The latest design is called the iPhone PRO.

Choi's vision about the phone is a 4.5-inch wide LCD edge-to-edge screen, two side buttons and a slightly curved form factor similar to the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Therefore, according to Choi, Apple will ditch its rectangular iPhone 4 and 4S form factor in its next gen iPhone.

In the Pro concept, the iPhone 5 comes with a removable hard disk and a portable speaker and a 1.2-megapixel snapper that can shoot 3D pictures and video.

As we reported earlier, that the Cupertino-based company has already won a patent for a 3D imaging camera, this feature has been included in the Pro design of the iPhone 5.

Not just the 3D camera, but the next-gen Apple smartphone will also include a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) lens mount on the back of the iPhone, a dream feature for professional-grade photography.

As if that's not all, Choi's iPhone PRO concept also features a built-in projector system. Now your iPhone 5 can work as a high-resolution image projector working on any surface, making videos, documents and photos easy to share with everyone in the room.

Long live Choi's imagination!


Credit: Jinyoung Choi

2.       Italian designer Federico Ciccarese Magic Mouse

Here comes another great iPhone concept designer of our time, Federico Ciccarese.

The Italian designer has analyzed the various iPhone 5 rumors and has conceptualized these dazzling renders.

According to Ciccarese, this time the iPhone 5 will have a slightly curved back. The body of the phone has a striking resemblance to Apple's Magic Mouse. And in this design, the display of the phone will be flat, will have a retina and the phone will be a little pointed at the top and bottom.

The designer also thought of moving the headphone jack to the side to accommodate the new design. Ciccarese's design shows that Apple will use aluminum to create the body of the phone, similar to that of the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. The best feature of this design is that when the phone is off, the Apple logo shines bright in the darkness.

Noticeably, Ciccarese also believes that Apple will not introduce a rectangular phone this time.


Magic Mouse

3.       Antonio de Rosa From ADR Studio

ADR Studio has delivered a stunning and original design that shows a SIM-free device, an idea that Apple has been exploring for a while now. The design also mentions a LED-powered edge to show the battery life of the New iPhone 2012.

Developed by Antonio de Rosa, the founder of ADR studio, the sim-less iPhone 5 comes with a new audio section with two panel speakers to the rear of its aluminum forged unibody. This slim, rectangular phone is the closest to the version revealed by Asian sources from within Foxconn. Following this concept, the iPhone 5 is not completely edge-to-edge.

Antonio de Rosa has envisioned that the new iPhone will have three retina displays!

While the first one will be at the top of the screen to show all the network info, clocks, notifications, the bottom one will be for App dock, multitasking panel and so on. While the third is only for the desktop to provide more space.

Rosa believes that this time the home button will be integrated into the bottom strip display and it can be activated thanks to the closer motion sensor.

Obviously, the new iPhone will have Siri, gyroscope on 4 axis and motion sensor. Moreover, the phone will add an extra led powered edge feature to show the strength of battery life or to show you a preferred caller.


Credit: ADR Studio

4.       iPhone 5 SJ Concept - Another Design by Antonio De Rosa of ADR Studio

Antonio De Rosa has come up with another great design for the iPhone 5. This design is a tribute to co-founder Steve Jobs, and therefore, has been dubbed as the iPhone SJ.

The design showcases a complete, capacitive glass screen encased in a sleek, light polycarbonate body with lots of beautiful rounded rectangles.

Rosa only revealed a possibility of including A6 dual core processor and a 10-megapixel camera.

According to Rosa, The concept of the iPhone SJ has been welcomed in an amazing and unexpected way by the Web. We want to celebrate all this by releasing more images and details of the concept together with a small video.


iPhone 5 SJ Concept

5.       Size Zero - Antonello Falcone

Designer Antonello Falcone has designed a Size Zero shape for the iPhone 5. This design elaborates a full edge-to-edge 4.6-inch display and sports a soft touch home button. A slightly curved back suggests a thinner (8.4mm) teardrop shape.


Credit: Antonello Falcone