The iPhone 5 release-date rumors of a September launch may yet prove true. There are reports that say Apple has given orders for around 15 million units of the iPhone 5, with a delivery schedule that begins in September.

If this report, which has appeared in all major tech journals, is true then it could seal the iPhone 5 release debate once and for all.

Apple kicked off the iPhone 5 release rumors unwittingly by deciding not to launch the next generation iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in the first week of June.

The manufacturer that is rumored to have landed the mega order from Apple is Pegatron Technology, a Taiwan-based notebook maker. Pegatron, which had landed huge iPhone 4 orders last year, declined to comment on the new development, according to tech Web sites.

According to sources, Pegatron has started receiving components for iPhone 5 and ramped up hiring for its plants in Shanghai.

Conflicting theories have been doing the rounds regarding iPhone 5 launch. While some surmise that since iOS 5 will be ready to roll out in the fall, the iPhone 5, pre-loaded with iOS 5, will be launched in September too.

This theory came in for considerable criticism as it was thought a better plan for Apple would be to wait out the year and launch a fully redesigned phone in 2012, which will set a new smartphone benchmark. The logic behind the thinking was bolstered by the news that Google Nexus 4G, considered to be a potential iPhone killer, would be launched around Thanksgiving.

It wouldn't make sense for Apple to come under fire from the biggest rival and be underprepared. However, right now, it looks more like the new iPhone will be on the shelves in the summer.