With the release of its iOS 7 slowly approaching, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) appears poised to launch another smartphone. According to most insider sources, however, Apple won’t be releasing just one new phone this fall: The company is expected to launch a new, plastic iPhone for consumers on a budget, as well as the anticipated iPhone 5S. Although no official name has been announced, the expected budget iPhone has been dubbed the iPhone 6 by some Apple fans. Thanks to a new video from DetroitBORG, we have a pretty close look at what very well may be the iPhone 6’s new plastic body.

“The interesting thing here is that we have an all-plastic design as opposed to a metal or glass design as we’ve seen with other phones,” Michael Kukielka, also known as DetroitBORG, states in the video. “This will probably succeed the iPhone 4 and 4S in the lineup. The iPhone 4 and 4S were glass, which were shatter prone, but it’s also quite a bit thinner than those phones. When we hit the iPhone 5S, we’ll probably have the iPhone 5S, the iPhone, and then this phone."

While the budget iPhone 6 superficially resembles the iPhone 5, there are a few definite changes. For one, the iPhone 6 sacrifices the iPhone 5’s multicolored trim for a plain white finish across the phone. Furthermore, the iPhone 6 is just a bit thicker and wider than the current iPhone 5, meaning that budget iPhone users will sacrifice some of the phone’s trademark thinness for cost.

Additionally, the volume and sleep/wake buttons on the iPhone 6 are sized differently than on the iPhone 5, and the bottom panel has a different number of holes, implying that the budget iPhone may have a different speaker configuration than current models

Watch DetroitBORG’s video examining the iPhone 6’s plastic body below.

It appears likely that the budget iPhone will make a big splash in the U.S. market, allowing lower-income techies to purchase a new Apple device instead of remaining several generations behind. Despite its probable success in America, however, Apple is really shooting for the developing market with the budget iPhone.

Regardless of the iPhone 6’s components, it’s probable that Apple will officially unveil the budget iPhone sometime in September. The International Business Times’ own Dave Smith estimates that the company will reveal the iPhone 6 alongside the iPhone 5S at a single event in early September, although the devices probably will not go on sale at the same time to avoid huge lines at retail outlets. In one scenario, the release of iOS 7 on Sept. 18 would be followed by the release of the iPhone 5S on Sept. 20 and the release of the iPhone 6 on Sept. 27.