In an effort to tout Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) environmental responsibility, the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech titan behind the iPad, iPhone and MacBook has released a video featuring a focus on renewable energy and resources.

The video, titled “Better,” was released by Apple ahead of Earth Day, with CEO Tim Cook narrating unseen in the background. Shot on location, the video features many of Apple’s facilities and products that use renewable energy and more environmentally friendly materials. U.S. manufacturing plants and Apple Stores were some of the Apple properties featured in the video.

Among the more notable Apple facilities featured is the Nevada data center, which is powered by solar and wind energy. A more detailed look at Apple's Nevada site was also featured on Monday at Wired.

In addition to the video, Apple has revamped the "environmental responsibility" section of its website. Among the notable announcements is Apple’s ability to reduce the iMac’s sleep power consumption from 35 watts to 0.9 watts over 15 years. Apple has also significantly reduced the use of toxic materials in devices, including mercury-free displays, PVC-free power cords, arsenic-free glass and lead-free solder, according to the company's environmental reports.

This push by Apple to be more environment-conscious is a significant change from two years ago, where the company was slammed by Greenpeace for using “dirty energy” to power its cloud data facilities.

Greenpeace has since reversed its position on Apple's environmental efforts.

In an April 2014 report, the environmental organization described Apple as ”the most improved company since [Greenpeace’s] last full report and has shown itself to be the most innovative and most aggressive in pursuing its commitment to be 100% renewably powered.”

Watch Apple’s “Better” video above and take a look at its environmental responsibility page here.