Apple reportedly leaked the iPhone 4S inside the latest iTunes beta, according to rumors that surfaced on Saturday.

Apple is expected unveil a brand new iPhone on Oct. 4 during a press meeting at it offices in California.

According to Apple Insider, references to iPhone 4S name could be found in the Info.plist file of the MobileDevices bundle included with the ninth beta of iTune 10.5 released on Friday. Apple quickly pulled the software from its developer site shortly after it was aware of the slipup.

The Apple Insider report noted that device preferences for Item 7 and Item 8 in the Info.plist file gave the description of a black and white iPhone 4S whose display icons shows models that look similar to the existing black and white CDMA iPhone 4 introduced earlier this year.

The new discovery can be a sign that Apple will be announcing a new iPhone on Oct. 4, possibly with the rumored 8MP camera, 512MB of RAM, support for HSPA+ and the iPad 2's A5 processor and dual graphics in a the current iPhone 4 design.

Reports are that the iPhone 4S is expected to be a dual-mode phone, so it can be used on either CDMA or GSM networks, according to Apple Insider. There have also been reports that the new iPhone will run iOS 5 and new voice recognition features.

It is uncertain at this time if Apple still has the CDMA iPhone 4 as a placeholder image until it announces the new iPhone.