Apple released an application for Macs under the moniker iAd Producer that enables users to create multimedia rich iAds for iOS devices.

9TO5 Mac reported that the iAd Producer provides developers tools to create iAds while supporting HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in the background. The app's library of pre-built components provides common interface elements like buttons, sliders and switches, as well as more complex motion-rich objects such as CoverFlow views and Carousel- all without having to write a line of code.

The launch of the app follows just days after Apple launched its first iAd for iPad, the upcoming sci-fi Disney flick Tron Legacy.

The iAd platform allows ad agencies to embed in an app. It resembles an app within an app. The platform allows users to directly download or buy an app from iTunes from the iAd, or to save screen images to photo albums, to view videos in customized screen, to allow users to save coupons, barcodes, find the nearest outlets and also to share the ad with friends, all without leaving the ad.

Reviews of advertisers and developers suggest, Apple applies strict control on how ads are developed, which has resulted in limited supply of ads. When it launched iAd on both iPhone and iPad, it advertised Disney productions - Toy Story 3 and Tron Legacy - as it could control the campaign production as its CEO Steve Jobs is the largest single shareholder of Disney.

However, with the iAd Producer App, Apple is releasing control from its hands over the iAd development passing the buck to developers. With the SDK now available to developers, it can usher in a flurry of interactive ads on iPad, iPhone and iPod.

The use of HTML 5 in the App also reveals its commitment to HTML as platform to develop web-based multimedia apps rather than Adobe Flash. Apple had derided Adobe's Flash in April. Apple had stated that Flash has not performed well on mobile devices. One of the reasons cited by Apple was that running Flash videos drains mobile's battery as it still decodes video in software rather than hardware. Thus with the new app, Apple is attempting to drive HTML adoption among iOS developers.