Apple released a software update for its iTunes music platform on Wedensday night, called iTunes 10.6.1. The update is mostly filled with minor fixes and repairs in order to make the iTunes experience less buggy and more enjoyable.

The 10.6.1 update includes four major features. Here they are:

No more quitting: In the previous version of iTunes, the music player would unexpectedly quit on occassion, especially while playing videos, syncing photos to iDevices like iPhones and iPads, and changing the artwork size in Grid view. In 10.6.1, iTunes will no longer quit while performing any of these actions.

VoiceOver and WindowEyes: Mac OS X is compatible with two major accessibility platforms, including Apple's VoiceOver and Microsoft's WindowEyes (built by GW Micro). VoiceOver helps disabled users by reading text out loud and providing gesture support and braille mirroring, while WindowEyes similarly provides blind users access to Windows-based computers by speaking aloud the contents on the screen. In 10.6.1, Apple fixed an issue where VoiceOver and WindowEyes had trouble reading various elements on the user interface.

Syncing Issue: The last version of iTunes would occasionally become unresponsive when syncing to an iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle. In iTunes 10.6.1, iTunes will no longer freeze or shut down while syncing with these devices.

TV Episodes on Apple TV: A glitch in the old iTunes prevented users with Apple TV devices from browsing the TV episodes in their iTunes Library. In 10.6.1, the connection between iTunes and Apple TV has been resolved, and users will be able to freely order and browse TV episodes on Apple TV via iTunes.

To download iTunes 10.6.1, open up iTunes and click on Check for Updates in the file menu. Or, you could visit your System Preferences, open up Software Update and click Check for Updates.