It's Tuesday, Apple's Let's Talk iPhone day, and we expect an announcement of the new iPhone 5. There have been plenty of rumors about what will happen today and what the event is going to be like. But the company's CEO Tim Cook and his team have been quite silent on any features that the new toy will carry.

But here is what we expect.

-   A dual-core A5 processor: We expect the processor in the iPhone 5 to be similar to the one that is in the iPad 2. Apple is methodical and so disciplined that it will not have any of its devices out of sync with each other.

- Sprint as a carrier: We've seen screenshots of the leaked Radio Shack inventory, but still not certain if it is actually real. But it's time for Sprint to get on board the iPhone bandwagon. Millions have been anticipating this smartphone's release. Reports are that Sprint has committed to buying at least 30.5 million iPhones. Sprint knows customers want this device.

- 8-mega pixel camera: When you compare Apple's iPhone camera to other smartphones, let's be honest, it is not that spectacular. We think Apple knows this and this is the year for that big improvement.

- 1 GB of RAM: With the A5 processor we expect to have faster apps. Increasing the RAM will allow for faster browsing and running more apps.

- iPhone 4S: Last week there was a leak from the Cincinnati Bell Web site showing the iPhone 5 32GB for $640. This is a hefty price tag that many won't be able to afford. Therefore, we expect Apple to take that into consideration and tweak the current iPhone 4 and make a more budget-friendly smartphone for those who may not be able to afford the new iPhone 5, but want some of its new power.