For many people, it just wouldn't be a major Apple event without Steve Jobs giving a keynote address announcing a new big product.

The site of Jobs, wearing his patented black turtle neck, has become a familiar one for Apple fans during each subsequent product announcement. At this year's WWDC, despite concerns about his health, Jobs will be donning his own Superman cape once again and will roll out Apple's latest.

The company is set to announce iCloud, a digital storage locker, presumably for music and other large data files. According to a report in The Wall St. Journal, Apple has reached a deal major recorded-music companies including Warner Music Group Corp., Sony Corp.'s Music Entertainment and EMI Group ltd to give consumers an easy place to store and transfer their music collections across a various slate of Apple devices. Music on those labels will be scanned and matched for entry onto each device.

Also at the event, Apple is slated to announce the next versions of iOS and Mac OS. Lion is eighth major release of Apple's PC operating system and iOS 5 is the fifth major release of the smartphone/iPad operating system.

Jobs health has come into question over the past year when a report indicated he was undergoing radiation therapy for treatment of cancer. Jobs, who was treated for pancreatic cancer in 2004, took a medical leave of absence in January. He missed the company's announcement to bring the iPhone to Verizon, but he did show up for the announcement of the iPad 2.

The last time Jobs didn't appear at a WWDC event was in 2009. Instead, Philip Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, gave the speech and introduced the iPhone 3GS.

Apple's shares, which many analysts say are dependent on Jobs' health, rose $10.42 per share today or 3.09 percent.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.