Is long-time couple Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis splitting up?

Johnny isn't handling anything well right now, a source told People around him are worried about how Johnny is doing because he and Vanessa seem so fractured right now. Their relationship is heading toward the end.

The source claimed that Depp, 48, and Paradis, 39, argue constantly and may be headed towards a break-up. Although the couple never married, they have been together since 1998.

Johnny has started reaching out to lawyers, probably to quietly discuss how to get out of the relationship. They're not married but they've been together for years and have kids together so it isn't as easy as just breaking up, the source said.

The pair has two children together, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, 12, and John Christopher Depp III, 9. The family spends their time in Meudon in the suburbs of Paris, Los Angeles, an island in The Bahamas and a villa in Le Plan-de-la-Tour, a small town in the south of France.

Paradis is a French singer, model and actress. She became a worldwide success at age 14 with her hot single Joe le taxi. She and Depp met while he was filming The Ninth Gate.