“Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2 ended with the couples finally getting what they really wanted. The season finale showed Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner crossing off the last of their pre-baby bucket list. Meanwhile, Cortney Hendrix finally got the ring she wanted from Jason Carrion on the FYI reality show.

Jason and Cortney

After secretly buying an engagement ring and surprising Cortney with a trip to Hawaii, the couple is very excited. One problem with their tropical vacation: Jason can’t swim. Cort promises to teach him the basics.

When they get to the hotel, Cortney is shocked that they have the presidential suite. With seven balconies, it’s way bigger than their Brooklyn apartment. After they settle in, they go down to the pool for Jason’s first swim lesson. The firefighter is hilariously bad at listening to Cortney’s instructions, but he puts in a lot of effort, even when he has to use children’s flotation devices.

At dinner, Jason and Cortney are invited on stage by the Hawaiian dancers. Cortney loves seeing that Jason is always willing to try new things.

While they’re in a good mood, Cortney decides to make sure that she and Jason are over their massive blowout. She explains that she doesn’t like when Jason devalues her job. When they fight, Jason compares his job as a firefighter to her job as a makeup artist. Jason apologizes for making her feel like her ambitions don’t matter. Still, Cortney is mad that he said it at all.

The next day, they try to let go all of their anger. They want to stop being so vicious when they fight. They put everything on the table. Jason explains that he resents Cortney for throwing her wedding ring down the drain. Cortney apologizes for letting her anger get so out of hand. They both forgive each other for everything they’ve done wrong recently.

They follow a Hawaiian tradition, Hoʻoponopono, and toss flowers into the sea. The idea is that they’re saying goodbye to everything they want to let go of. “Goodbye to the fear that we’re not enough for each other,” Cortney says. The two seem stronger than ever.

With their fighting and resentment behind them, the two can move forward. Jason needs to get away from his wife to plan his proposal, though. He says he is going to the gym and even invites Cortney to go with him. She turns him down, but that was part of Jason’s master plan. He is setting up a scavenger hunt for her, and she has no idea. Jason leaves red envelopes with clues throughout the resort.

Cortney follows the riddles and finds Jason waiting for her with a candlelit dinner. Jason tells his wife how important she is to him, and then they go for a walk on the beach. Cortney finds a message written in flower petals: “Will you take my last name?” Jason gets down on one knee and brings out the diamond ring. Cortney is crying as she says that she’ll take his last name.

MAFS Cortney and Jason Cortney Hendrix decided she was ready to take Jason Carrion’s last name in the “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2 finale. Photo: FYI

Neph and Jasmine

Jason’s friend Neph Rodriguez is having his own celebration. He and Jasmine Gaona are finally moving into their new house. His mother is a little nervous about her son leaving, but Neph promises to visit. Jasmine even starts crying when she thanks Neph’s mom for being so welcoming.

Doug and Jamie

Doug gets a photo of Jamie’s sister Amy and her husband and prints it on a canvas. It’s a small gesture to show Jamie that Doug does care about her family. “They mean a lot to me, and so do you,” he explains.

Doug plans a date night to an aerial exercise class. After the adventurous workout, Doug mentions his pre-baby bucket list. He wants to go skydiving next, and Jamie is ready to put her fears aside for the activity. She questions if he’ll really be ready to have a baby after they finish his list, though. Doug says they’ve strengthened their relationship each time, and he feels like he will be ready for a baby soon.

“Most women just get pregnant, but I have to jump out of a plane before that happens,” Jamie jokes to the cameras. Jamie says it isn’t quite as scary as marrying a complete stranger.

While they are in the air, Doug says he is ready for a baby. After the jump, the couple speaks to the diary camera. “I said, ‘I’m only doing this for you,’” Jamie says. “And you said, ‘What do you want?’ I said, ‘A baby.’”

“I said ‘a baby in midair.’ We should conceive in midair,” Doug quips. Jokes aside, Doug is thrilled that his wife put aside her fears for him.

Jamie isn’t done with Doug’s list yet. For his birthday party, she brings the African safari to him with stuffed animals and safari decorations. Doug loves it, and the surprises don’t stop with the party theme. Jamie planned a whole trip to Africa for him. Doug is shocked and thrilled.

“We’re gonna have a baby here,” Doug says when he sees a picture of Cape Town. He really appreciates how much thought Jamie put into this, and it shows how far they’ve come since the beginning of their marriage.