MAFS First Year Recap
Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis started fighting again in “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2, episode 13. FYI

The “Married at First Sight: The First Year” couples are trying to move past their fights. While Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix worked on resolving their vicious fighting methods, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner learned that not everything can be fixed immediately. The two got into another battle in Season 2, episode 13, but they didn’t let that ruin all of the work they’ve put into their relationship lately.

Jamie and Doug

Jamie reveals that her sister sent the last of her stuff from her ex-boyfriend’s house. Without her trailer or her ex, she is officially committed to Doug with no safety net. “I’m sorry that I was never able to be 100 percent in it before, but I am now,” Jamie tells her husband.

They decide to check off another activity on Doug’s pre-baby bucket list — they’re going ghost hunting. Doug takes it very seriously, but Jamie is more of a realist. Still, she indulges him as they meet with paranormal investigators at a former military prison.

After it gets dark and they hear a mysterious noise and Jamie looks scared, even though she reveals to the cameras that she still doesn’t believe in the paranormal; she’s just trying to be invested for Doug. Even though he doesn’t make her a believer, they bond a lot.

Their bliss doesn’t last long. Doug was supposed to pick up their dogs at the veterinarian’s office, but Jamie gets a call that the dogs are still waiting. Doug comes home with the pups, and she asks where he was. He says he was just running a little late and forgot to get the animals’ medications.

“Any time I do something wrong, it’s like Jamie keeps a list to throw in my face,” Doug tells the cameras. “We were doing so well and now we just took two steps back.”

The argument makes Doug decide to go to therapy with his wife. The therapist, Dr. Jeremy Lops, hears them recap their recent arguments. He sees that Jamie is afraid of disappointment and Doug is afraid of doing something wrong. He wants them to spend time together and be more positive.

He also advises them to be less rushed about perfecting the relationship; their issues are going to take time to resolve. They go out to eat afterward, and even though they’ve been fighting, they seem to be in a good place. They’re happy with the progress they’re making.

MAFS First Year Jason Cortney
Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix worked on setting financial goals to resolve their fights in “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2, episode 13. FYI

Cortney and Jason

Cortney calls Dr. Pepper Schwartz to talk about her problems with Jason. Their fighting keeps turning dirty. They find each other’s insecurities and attack. It’s hurtful and they need to fix it.

The first step is resolving their financial arguments. They go to a financial planner for advice and learn they need to make compromises. The planner advises them to keep separate accounts so they don’t debate every single purchase. Cortney agrees to have separate funds in addition to their joint funds.

The planner advises them not to buy a house unless they want to live in it for at least five years. However, they can’t determine where they want to live. Cort wants to raise kids in North Carolina while Jason wants to stay in Brooklyn. They look at prices and sizes of houses in the two places, and it’s clear the South is cheaper. Since Cortney made the compromise with the bank accounts, Jason agrees to start putting money in a separate account for a house in North Carolina.

Now that their money goals are decided, Jason wants to introduce Cortney to his sister Jeanine. The couple meet Jeanine and her daughter Milania for dinner. Cortney notices the family resemblance, and they all get along well. Jeanine even invites them to Christmas at her house.

Later, Jason goes ring shopping with his friend Neph Rodriguez. He never gave Cortney a ring he picked out. Even though she threw her other ring (the one “Married at First Sight” gave her on her wedding day) down the drain, Jason really wants to buy his wife a diamond.

He doesn’t give the ring to her right away, though. They go on a date to a hula class, and Cortney is shocked. It’s not exactly her dream date, but she has fun while laughing at her husband.

The class isn’t so random, though. After class, Jason tells Cortney they’re going to Hawaii for the honeymoon they’ve always wanted. “Married at First Sight” viewers will recall that the two were disappointed when the FYI reality show sent them to the snowy Poconos. They wanted something tropical, and now they’ll get to do it thanks to money from Jason’s mother. Before she died of cancer, she set aside money for Jason that was specifically for something fun.

Neph and Jasmine

Neph finally brings Jasmine Gaona to the house he bought now that renovations are finished. Though she was angry that he bought it without her, she is pretty happy with the new place. Neph made sure to get her a walk-in closet and has a box of cannoli waiting for her. She even bursts into happy tears.

“Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on FYI.