MTV rocked the world of dating shows when it introduced “Are You the One?” in January 2014. The show brings together 10 males and 10 females, all of whom self-identify as terrible daters, to find their perfect match. To make matters more complicated, there’s a collective prize of $1 million on the line. International Business Times caught up with “AYTO” host Ryan Devlin to discuss what sets the show apart from others and get the scoop on the current season.

Devlin, 35, has been hosting the show since its introduction. He says he was drawn to the show because of it’s “unique format,” adding that there is simply nothing similar on television. When casting each season of the show producers speak to “AYTO” hopeful’s close friends, family members, and exes. They also have each potential participant take a 1,000-word personality test and get the opinions of psychologists and matchmakers. Devlin told IBT that a major thing that sets “AYTO” apart is the fact that the entire cast has an opportunity to win as a group.

“The most significant thing about our show is that anybody can win. When you look at any other dating show out there -- ‘The Bachelor,’ for example -- there’s 30 girls vying for the attention of one guy,” he said. “In the end, 29 girls lose. They go home heartbroken. On our show, they all either win together of they all lose together. There is no halfway. If they can work together, if they can push themselves outside their comfort zones they can go for $1 million together.”

Although the show premise is pretty straightforward, MTV has introduced a new twist in an effort to shake things up. In Season 3 the network added something called a blackout, which means that if during a matchup ceremony the cast is unable to find even one match they will forfeit $250,000. Devlin told IBT the twist will be utilized during the current season, though he declined to say exactly when. He added that it will serve as both a point of contention among the cast and a learning tool, though he notes that it’s “a costly lesson.”

“This season we introduced a device called the blackout. It means that if at any match up ceremony they get zero matched they instantly lose $250,000,” he revealed. “They do blackout. I can’t tell you when, but it is crazy when it happens. Just wait for the fallout.”

Devlin’s warning should come as no surprise to those who tuned in to the “AYTO” premiere. Just one match up ceremony into Season 3 there has already been some serious drama between those living in the house. MTV brought the crew together to find out if after just one night in the house they’d managed to find any matches. While some were able to link up with their potential soul mate, others --namely Devin, KiKi and Melanie -- found themselves tangled in an explosive love triangle. The backlash from that complex relationship played out during the match-up and pulled Devlin, who said he generally makes a point to stay out of the cast’s problems, into the middle of it. According to the show’s host viewers haven’t seen the last of that triangle and should keep their eyes peeled for more as the season continues. He revealed that this season’s match ups will be more heated than ever before, adding that future episodes will make the first “look tame.”

“There isn’t much room for pleasantries when we get into those match ups,” he said. “This season, more so than the first two, things get pretty heated. During the first episode there was Devin, KiKi and Melanie and that’s going to be a triangle that everyone’s going to want to keep an eye on. Devin does a really good job of playing a couple of girls in the house. [He’s] not to be counted out. Same with KiKi, Mel and Amanda.”

While the blackout is the only formal shake-up MTV has introduced, Devlin adds that there is potential for another. He shared with IBT that, unlike traditional competition shows, “AYTO” can end at any time. Should the cast find all the perfect matches in the house they can pack their bags, collect their money and head home with the love of their lives. In an effort to avoid giving too much away, Devlin would only tell IBT that the Season 3 cast will struggle to get in the swing of things early on but said to find out what happens after that, “you’re just going to have to tune in.”

“AYTO” has been moved to Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Be sure to tune in to catch each and every twist and turn.