It all came down to this. After securing eight out of 10 perfect matches in episode 9, the Season 2 cast of MTV’s dating series “Are You The One?” were confident in their matchmaking abilities ahead of the final choosing ceremony. With just one chance left to find their perfect matches and secure the $1 million prize, the house decided to exclude the 11th house guest, Christina, in an effort to save themselves from losing the game.  

So did the house win the money? Did all 21 contestants find their perfect match? Or did episode 10, titled “One Switch, One Glitch,” end in disaster? Here is our recap for the “AYTO?” Season 2 finale:

The Challenge

This week’s challenge was all about teaching the men and women in the house to go the extra mile for their better half. The men were forced to build makeshift rafts to save their women on a deserted island. The men who built their raft and save the lady of their choosing the fastest would secure a getaway date. 

Despite going head-to-head with Layton in the challenge, Dario made it first to the girls after Layton’s paddle broke. He chose Ashley as his partner for the week. Layton and Tyler came in second. Anthony and Alex K. placed third.

Back At The House

Christina tried her best to get in Layton’s good graces. “I just didn’t think I stood a chance,” Christina said, calling the notorious flirt the most attractive man in the house. While Christina told him she felt she would be the last woman standing in the final choosing ceremony, Layton said he would be the one to make the final call at the 1oth matchup.

Despite having a strong friendship with Ellie, Alex K. finally admitted her feelings for Anthony ahead of their date.

“Alex is a great girl," Anthony said. "She’s a really cool chick and I just feel like the more I get to know her, the more things I like about her."

The Getaway Date

The couple’s fear of heights were put to the test during their getaway date. The six contestants were taken to the world-famous Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. During their date, Dario and Ashley admitted to each other that they both felt they’re more than likely a perfect match. Layton and Tyler also realized they might be a pair while discussing their relationship issues. 

“I always try to do better. I’m never satisfied," Tyler said. "I feel like you could give me the world and I won’t appreciate it as much as I should."  

“I definitely have that problem too,” Layton said. “What If I get married and then I do find something better?”

The Truth Booth

In an effort to help secure another perfect match and end the drama between Dario and Layton, a majority of the house guests agreed to vote in Dario and Ashley for the final truth booth visit. Despite Ashley’s fears their hunch about their romance might be incorrect, they were deemed Season 2’s fifth confirmed match. 

“I was extremely confident week after week, at the matchups, at the boats, wherever it was,” Dario said.

Fortunately for Cristina, she was not a perfect match with Dario and was able to stay in the house. 

Choosing Ceremony

The final matchup ceremony was ladies choice. Despite Christina's plan to take one for the team and sit out during the final choosing ceremony, Layton went against the house and gave her a second chance. His decision had Tyler taken out of the final matchup. Despite Layton’s last-minute partner switch, the cast still managed to get 10 beams of light and walk away with the shared $1 million and their perfect matches.

Perfect Matches

Alex P. and Jasmine

Jenni and John

Ashley and Dario

Paris and Pratt

Shelby and Curtis

Briana and Brandon

Alex K. and Anthony

Jess and Garland

Tyler, Christina and Layton

Ellie and Nathan

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