"AYTO" Season 2
The Season 2 cast of MTV's reality dating series "Are You The One?" MTV

The pressure was on for the Season 2 cast of “Are You The One?” Monday night. Following last week’s failed matchup ceremony, and with only four chances left for the cast to find their perfect partner and win the $1 million prize, the atmosphere was noticeably less-friendly between the housemates during episode 7.

While some of the house guests believed that the remaining 17 contestants should strategize their picks, others felt they should go with their guts in choosing their perfect partner. One thing the house agreed on: their time was running out. “This is the first time I’ve felt the heat,” Anthony said. “Pressure’s on!” Briana added.

The challenge

Following last week’s parent Q&A, the boys set out during this week’s challenge. In their place, the remaining girls in the house were forced to get messy by dipping their bodies in honey, scarfing down hot dogs and building solo cup pyramids with their mouths in an effort to win a getaway with their man of their choice. In the end, it was Jenni and John who won the the challenge and the getaway date. Jasmine and Brandon, and Alex K. and Alex P. came in second and third place, both couples making themselves eligible for a trip to the truth booth.

"AYTO?" Season 2
Season 2 contestants on MTV's "Are You The One?" Jenni (L) and John in a scene from episode 7. MTV screenshot

Getaway dates

Despite Jenni and John winning the challenge and scoring a solo one-on-one date, the entire house was surprised with a group date after the challenge. Due to their inability to find their perfect matches, host Ryan Devlin told the house that they would be treated to a night on Optimus Prime, a Caribbean party bus, in an effort to help them figure out their perfect partners.

Much to the Anthony’s dismay, Jenni and John started their getaway date early, sharing their feelings for each other during the house’s night out. “I think were in the same stage in life. I think we have a lot in common. I think we are very similar people,” John told Jenni before the duo shared their first kiss.

During their solo date the following day, John opened up to Jenni, telling her his desire for her to be his perfect match.

“I can connect with all these other girls. You know, laugh and joke with them and flirt with them but when its me and Jenni, I get nervous, about it and that’s why I think she’s the one,” John said.

“I had my eyes set on different things, but my eyes are set on him now,” Jenni said.

Truth booth

After an argument over which couple to send into the truth booth, the house ultimately agreed to go with the "strongest" couple, putting Jenni and John’s relationship to the test. Fortunately for the cast, the house got one step closer to the $1 million prize after the duo was labeled a perfect match during their visit to the truth booth.

“Coming here money was my top priority, but even if I don’t leave her for $50K dollars, I feel like I still got a prize,” John said after the reveal.

Choosing ceremony

After the choosing ceremony, six couples were found to be perfect matches, including the three already confirmed by the truth booth. Below are the contestants who locked in during episode 7:

Dario and Ashley

Alex P. and Jasmine

Layton and Ellie

Brandon and Tyler

Anthony and Briana

Nathan and Christina

Garland and Jessica

Alex K. was not chosen during the ceremony.

"Are You The One?" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.