Former Senator Arlen Specter, 84, used an X-rated reference to mock Romney for his lack of consistency.

The Republican Party has moved so far to the right, you can't recognize Mitt Romney. What Mitt Romney will appear in October? Bill [Maher] had it exactly right; he said that Mitt Romney has changed positions more often than a pornographic movie queen, Specter said during a Wednesday appearance on the MSNBC program Morning Joe.

He criticized both Democrats and Republicans during the interview, calling for increased bipartisanship.

Specter is on the circuit to promote his new book, Life Among the Cannibals, a memoir detailing his experiences as a politician on Capitol Hill. Critics have responded well to the tome, which is full of hilarious anecdotes.

In the book, Specter admits that Sarah Palin radiated sensuality. He made fun of Sen. Ted Kennedy's girth, comparing him to a walrus; Sen. Jon Thune, on the other hand, looked like a movie star in or out of clothes. Just after Dick Cheney's fourth heart attack, reported Specter, the former vice president got sloppy over some fried chicken; his fingers got so greasy that he dropped a piece and stained the rug. Sen. Dale Bumper told dirty jokes about an awkward bee sting. And apparently, Ben Bernanke dresses like a hobo when he's not running the Federal Reserve.

In other words, Life Among the Cannibals gets down to all the dirty details. In this context, Specter's racy Romney comments are not that surprising.

As a politician, Specter served five terms as the U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania -- that's more than anyone else in the state's history. He was politically moderate throughout his career, and famously ditched his Republican label in 2009 to become a Democrat. But shortly thereafter, he was defeated in a primary election.

Since his retirement from politics, Specter has served as an adjunct law professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He also performs stand-up comedy on occasion.