Dramatic video shows the moment when armed police in Holland have arrested a man armed with a fake gun, who forced his way into the studios of a TV station in the country.

The man entered the studios of Dutch broadcaster NOS, reportedly demanding airtime. He also handed staff a threatening letter, which claimed that bombs containing radioactive material were planted in several locations around the country that they would be detonated if his demands weren't met. It also claimed that he was part of a hacking collective who were poised to carry out cyberattacks.

The broadcaster, NOS, published the gunman's letter on its website (in Dutch), after the man was taken into custody.

Footage shot by the broadcaster shows the man, dressed in a suit and tie, walking around an empty studio, brandishing what appears to be a pistol. The weapon was subsequently discovered to be fake.

Police officers can be heard shouting commands to him, after which he drops his weapon and surrenders, as officers advance on him with their weapons drawn.

The man's motive has yet to be determined. Dutch media reports cited by the BBC said that he was believed to be a student at a technical university and had recently lost his parents.

The footage shows him saying: "The things that are going to be said. ... Those are very large world affairs. We were hired by the security service."

The channel's broadcasts were interrupted by the incident and staff were evacuated from the building, located in the city of Hilversum. During the incident, the channel broadcast a message that no broadcast was "available at this time," according to AFP.

Europe's security services have been on high alert for several weeks, following the Jan. 7 attacks against the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, which left 12 dead, and subsequent incidents across France, which left five others dead.

Police in Belgium later intercepted an alleged terrorist plot to attack police stations in that country.

There is no indication that the incident in Holland is in any way connected to the attacks in France and the incident in Belgium.