The City of Angels may have a few angels tucked behind its sparse clouds, but for the most part Los Angeles is a city full of aspiring artists, dancers, actors, filmmakers, students, socialites, and what have you. In a city with so many people, each with their own ideals and aspirations, it's only natural that LA would foster great eclectic talent. So much so that LA's artistic talents are being recognized on the East coast.

In a large industrial Soho loft, the work of 50 LA based artists is on display in the heart of New York. The exhibit titled 'Greater LA' showcases over 100 art pieces from artists who are setting the agenda for 'conversations about contemporary cultural production around the world.'

With Hollywood inspired pieces beside photographs of LA's vibrant graffiti scene, the exhibit holds true to LA culture and lifestyle.

Even the exhibit's promotional banner screams LA circa 1985 with its triangular 'A' and palm tree silhouette.

The majority of the selected artists are already established within the field of art, and many of them have had their own international solo shows.

The New York Times reports that 'the selections often feel slight and cryptic; they don't give you enough to go on' stating that this is a regular problem with large group shows.

Artists included in the exhibit are Melodie Mousset, Andrea Longacre-White, Shana Lutker and many more.

The exhibition last through June 10.