ASUS has confirmed they will be releasing an unlock tool for the bootloader of the Transformer Prime tablet in February.

A Twitter post from the company read: Just got word that the root tool for the @ASUS #TransformerPrime should be coming in February.

Much was expected of the Transformer Prime tablet when it was launched, particularly since it had a Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

However, eager users were soon disappointed to find ASUS had unveiled the tablet with the bootloader locked. In other words, the device came with 128-bit encryption to keep users from accessing key components and the file system of the device. Essentially then, with the bootloader locked, users were not able to have new ROMs and kernels on the tablet.

Meanwhile, it has also been reported users' concerns over GPS performance of the Transformer Prime have yet to be resolved.

An earlier update on the situation, from ASUS, indicated a software improvement had been released and was meant to fix the bug. Unfortunately, it failed to do so.

It is believed the Transformer Prime's metal back-plate is the root of the GPS problem.