When the Asus Transformer Prime debuted at the end of 2011, its anticipated arrival was quickly blunted by revelations of its poor Wi-Fi and GPS connections. Now the iPad 2 is only $400 while the Prime is still $500 at Best Buy, but is the Prime worth the risk? It has some features no other tablet does, but are they worth $100 more than the iPad 2 to get? We're not so sure. If they were the same price, perhaps. In fairness, there are plenty of Prime tablets out there not experiencing any Wi-Fi problems, and if you get one that does have a problem, it's returnable. But that's a hassle, and we've heard horror stories about people returning two or more Primes before getting the problem solved or giving up and getting something else.

If you're thinking of getting the Prime and it turns out to be defective, here's your chance to save $100 and buy the iPad 2 instead. Transformer Prime gets its name from the fact it can attach to a companion keyboard dock and transform into a notebook computer. The dock is not included, but it does double the already good battery life while adding a keyboard, trackpad and extra storage (SD card slot). Begin the slideshow to see how they stack up. Tell us in the comments if you think Asus should drop the Prime price even more because of the problems its had.  

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