HTC plans to take down the iPhone 5 in 2012 with its One X smartphone on AT&T, but how exactly can that happen? No device yet released has been able to fire up people's imagination like the iPhone, and HTC is going for it with its latest flaghip device. Until the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes out, there's no other phone we know of that could have the power to one up the iPhone. Yes, the Galaxy Nexus is on Verizon now, but it doesn't appear to be the hot seller the iPhone has been. AT&T's Galaxy Note has gotten a fair amount of buzz, but its large size and middling reviews from some experts put the brakes on its iPhone dethroning.

We expect a new iPhone with a 4-inch screen right around October. That would be right about a year after iPhone 4S came out, and there would be plenty of time for holiday shoppers to grab one. HTC stole the show at this year's Mobile World Congress with its One series of high, mid and entry level smartphones, but we don't know when the One X flagship will launch. When it does, it could debut near $300 like the Galaxy Note, but that is only a guess. Start the slideshow to see how the two superphones match up and enjoy some of the iPhone 5 concepts we included as well. Let us know in the comments if you think 2012 is the make or break year for Android.

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