The manhunt is on for Aubrey Lee Price, the Georgia money manager who disappeared after telling acquaintances that he had lost a large amount of money through trading activities and that he planned to kill himself.

According to the FBI, the 46-year-old went missing in mid-June and was last seen boarding a ferry boat in Key West bound for Fort Myers on June 16.

Much speculation has been raised as to whether Price really lost the money and planned to jump off a ferry to his death, or if the whole bug-out was just a diversion to lure people away from the fact that he might have made off with a reported $17 million.

It was just one week ago on July 2 that the Department of Justice charged Price with embezzling million from a small southern Georgia bank he took over in December 2010.

The complaint alleges that, instead of investing the money as promised, Price fraudulently wired the bank's funds to accounts that he personally controlled at other financial institutions and provided bank management with altered documents to make it appear as if he had invested the bank's money in Treasury securities, the justice department said in a statement.

In days after the charges were issued, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Price told some people he planned to jump to his death off a ferry, and also maintained he did nothing illegal.

I hid many things fraudulently and deceptively, to try and give myself more time to pull some positive returns together, the note said. To be clear, nothing has been taken, only lost through stressful periods of trading a bad investments ... I am emotionally overwhelmed and incapable of continuing in this life.

According to multiple news sources, the FBI is looking at real estate in Venezuela and Guatemala as possible locations where Price might be hiding out.

Wendy Cross, an Atlanta woman who reportedly lost $364,000 in the alleged scheme, says Price is fooling folks again.

I don't believe he's dead. I believe he planned for this exit, Cross told the Atlanta newspaper.

This guy, she said, was the best actor.