Azealia Banks is in hot water -- again. Just over one month after becoming the subject of a criminal investigation the "212" rapper is facing more legal trouble. Reports surfaced Wednesday claiming the controversial musician was involved in a physical altercation with a female security guard.

According to E! Online, Banks, 24, was arrested and charged after getting into a fight outside New York City's Up&Down nightclub. According to police, the female rapper was removed from the club at around 12:46 a.m. EST. She is said to have been combative, verbally assaulting a female security guard. She reportedly "began to push the victim" before biting her on the breast. NYPD officers told E! the bite caused "swelling and redness," though it appears the security guard is OK otherwise. Banks was taken into police custody and has been "charged with assault, disorderly conduct and harassment."

Sources told the outlet the altercation began after it was brought to the attention of the club's security that Banks had not been invited to the party. She was brought by an invited guest, but was turned away by security. Banks was told she needed a stamp to enter, which reportedly upset her. Before the situation escalated she was allowed into the party, but that wasn't enough to quell her hurt feelings. Banks was reportedly offended that security didn't know who she was which escalated into an altercation. Sources allege Banks spit in the club owner's face before being taken out of the event. 

This is hardly the first time Banks has been in trouble with the law. The performer found herself the subject of a criminal investigation in November after fighting with a security guard. The incident occurred at Break Room 86, a popular nightclub in Los Angeles. According to reports, Banks and her crew were partying at the club when things got out of hand. They were asked to leave, which sparked the altercation. Security told TMZ Banks was on her way out of the club when she attempted to pull a fire alarm. A security guard grabbed her arm to prevent the alarm from being triggered at which time she and her friends allegedly attacked him. The LAPD are said to have launched a criminal battery investigation, though it remains unclear what the outcome was.

Prior to that incident, Banks was escorted off a plane for attacking a flight attendant in September. Banks took to Twitter to air out her grievances after video surfaced from the incident. She claimed the airline worker put his hands on her, at which time she reacted. Banks addressed anyone who believed she was to blame in the incident writing, "BUT OF COURSE. I told the man to hit me in my face right?" She went on to say that she was uninterested in hearing the opinions of anyone with doubts about her innocence, reiterating comments she's made previously about getting a gun license. 

Banks has been silent about her arrest since the incident occurred. In fact, her Twitter account, which often plays host to her controversial opinions, has not been updated since Tuesday.