Every season of “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” has a villain, and season 18 with Juan Pablo is no exception! With 11 girls remaining in the running for Juan Pablo’s heart at the end of episode 4, it’s easy to see that tension is building between the bachelorettes. In the past seasons of the ABC dating show, contestants have accused one another of being on the series for fame or to become the next Bachelor/Bachelorette. Fortunately that hasn’t become an issue yet, but two main problems have developed with the ladies: motherhood and hogging time with Juan Pablo.

Has a villain made herself known yet? We’re breaking down the trouble makers in the house based on the problems this season:


As fans of “The Bachelor” know, 32-year-old Juan Pablo is a single dad. While he has a close and amicable relationship with the mother of his child, the bachelor is looking for a woman that can also be a stepmother to his 4-year-old, Camila. Unfortunately, not all of the women in the house match what he’s looking for.

Two of the contestants on the show -- Cassandra and Renee -- already have children, but some have started questioning the maternal qualities of others. The drama began in episode 3 when Elise told anyone who would listen (including 21-year-old single mom Cassandra) that she thought 24-year-old Chelsie was too young and too much of a baby to be the woman that Juan Pablo was looking for. Juan Pablo seemed to disagree with Elise’s thoughts,  however, because Chelsie is still on the show and Elise was eliminated in episode 4.

Meanwhile in episode 4, Sharleen pretty much came out and told Juan Pablo that she’s not comfortable being with a man who has a child with another woman and that her career comes before motherhood.

We don’t see a real connection between Juan Pablo and Chelsie, but the bachelor appears to have a thing for Sharleen … and we’re afraid that the opera singer is going to break his heart. Will she end up being the season 18 villain? While she’s definitely a threat to the other women, we can’t picture Sharleen instigating any drama with the others.

Hogging Juan Pablo

Everyone is there for Juan Pablo but as the episodes progress viewers can see that some of the ladies are boxing out their fellow contestants for more time with the bachelor. A couple of the women hogging Juan Pablo? Kat, Clare and Nikki!

Kat upset her housemates during the pool party in episode 3 when she spent a large chunk of time with her legs wrapped around Juan Pablo’s head. The following week the girls complained when Kat “stole the show” during their performance with 2NE1 and grinded up on Juan Pablo. While she does manage to get physically close to him a lot and makes the women jealous, we’re going to rule Kat out as the season 18 villain based on the lack of chemistry between the two and the fact that she hasn’t started any problems with anyone.

As for Clare and Nikki? We can totally see the cat claws coming out.

Clare is a 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento, Calif. She made an impression on “Bachelor” fans (and Juan Pablo) in the season premiere when she got out of the limo “7 months pregnant.” Her pregnancy ended up being a stunt, and while it got Juan Pablo’s attention, it also led viewers to believe that she was a little crazy.

Since then, Clare has had a successful one-on-one date, managed to kiss Juan Pablo on numerous occasions and made her presence known on the group date in Seoul. And while Juan Pablo obviously has feelings for her, Clare’s fellow contestants see her as “possessive” of the bachelor.

Like Clare, Nikki has developed a pretty strong connection with Juan Pablo. But unfortunately her relationship isn’t as strong with the girls in the house. The girls have been calling Nikki “negative” and “not real” with Juan Pablo behind her back. The 26-year-old pediatric nurse didn’t make things any easier on herself when she chose to seek out one-on-one time with Juan Pablo before the rose ceremony after already getting the group date rose. Nikki’s bold move made the women who didn’t have a rose already upset … and Clare decided to call her out for it.

Nikki has a very strong fan base on Twitter because she seems so genuine, but we wouldnt put it past her to get in a fight with Clare. So, does that make Clare or Nikki the season 18 villain? Right now we’re going to give Clare and Nikki a pass and put all the blame on Kelly!

“Bachelor” fans will recall that Clare only confronted Nikki after Kelly said something about how she felt awkward sitting in between Clare and Nikki because of the apparent animosity between the two. Kelly left Nikki wide open for criticism from Clare after getting Nikki to open up to her about how she feels about Clare.  

Confusing? Yes. But that’s not the only the first time that Kelly’s said something villainous. While she’s chipper with the girls, Kelly uses her one-on-one time with the cameras to say some not so nice (but very funny) things about her fellow bachelorettes:

On Kat hogging Juan Pablo in the pool: “There are definitely some girls here who love attention. Juan Pablo’s head was in her crotch for 20 minutes. There are other girls and you look like a whore.”

On Clare being a baby about eating a small piece of octopus: “I know you’ve swallowed bigger things than that.”

Does Kelly have malicious intent? Probably not. She doesn’t get a lot of attention from Juan Pablo and doesn’t really seem to be making a play for him either, which makes us think that the 27-year-old “dog lover” from Conyers, Ga., is really just on the show for comic relief and stirring up a little trouble. And we love it!

As for the other women in the house? Check out our "Bachelor 2014 Superlatives" photo above for our thoughts on Alli, Clare, Renee, Andi, Kat, Kelly, Sharleen and Nikki.

Who do you think is the season 18 villain on “The Bachelor”? Do you find Kelly as funny as we do? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.