“Bachelor” fans can’t stop talking about the explosive drama between Clare and Juan Pablo in episode 5 – and Clare is finally setting the record straight.

[Click HERE to find out what Juan Pablo had to say about the ocean drama with Clare.]

For those who missed the latest episode of the ABC dating show, Clare showed up at Juan Pablo’s room at 4 a.m. for a sexy swim in the ocean. Juan Pablo couldn’t take his shirt off fast enough … but by the end of the episode, he'd told  Clare that he made a mistake.

Viewers immediately began to speculate what went on in the ocean, some believing that Juan Pablo and Clare had sex based on a couple odd comments they made after the early morning rendezvous. But in a conference call with reporters, Clare took pains to clear up any confusion.

“That’s not what happened,” Clare said in response to whether she had sex with the bachelor in the ocean. “It was not my intention going into it.”

But what about the toast before the Rose Ceremony? Fans will remember that she lifted up her glass to “Finding love, being loved and making love.”

Clare swears that wasn't a hint that the pair went all the way. “I am the worst at giving toasts,” she explained, laughing. “I’m just not good at it.”

The 32-year-old hair stylist continued that going into the ocean was on her bucket list and that she would have jumped in with or without him. “We were living in the moment.” 

And while Clare doesn’t regret the ocean swim (which she said did not happen at 4 a.m.), the confrontation with Juan Pablo is still a sore spot. “It was how he approached it,” she said of their conversation. “How he made me feel when he used those words.”

“It was pretty bad at the time,” Clare continued. “It made me feel awful.”

Episode 6, which will air on Monday, will find Clare trying to get some clarification that she didn’t get in episode 5.

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