“The Bachelor” season finale left viewers with their jaws on the ground. The three-hour long ABC event was full of red flags, tears and completely odd (and rude) behavior. But there was one thing that actually left fans scratching their heads.

For the first two and a half hours, “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison teased fans that Juan Pablo had a “big surprise” planned for the “After The Final Rose” special. However, when Juan Pablo finally came out on the stage with his lady love, Nikki Ferrell, he claimed to not know what Chris was talking about.

“Big secret?” Juan Pablo said in response to Chris Harrison’s question about what the big surprise/ secret he had planned. “Nope. You’re talking about a surprise.”

“The Bachelor” host was caught off guard but rolled with the punches and continued to question the 32-year-old single dad about his relationship with Nikki. But as viewers know, things got a little ugly between Chris and Juan Pablo.

So, what was the scoop with the “big surprise”? And did it even exist?

According to E! News, the “big surprise” did initially exist because the bachelor had told show producers that he had something special in store for the audience. The production team was under the impression that he was going to propose to Nikki during the “After The Final Rose” special; however now it’s unclear whether he was “toying” with them or if something derailed his plans.  

Check out some theories regarding his big surprise:

Is Nikki Ferrell Pregnant?

Bachelor During "After The Final Rose" Juan Pablo pointed and looked at Nikki's stomach when talking about their future plans. Photo: ABC/ screenshot

Juan Pablo and Nikki were very secretive about their relationship during the “After The Finale Rose” special; however, fans believe that they were dropping hints about something big … like that Nikki Ferrell might be pregnant.

When asked about their plans for the future, Juan Pablo told Chris Harrison that their plans “drastically” changed, but he wouldn’t go into any more detail about it. Twitter immediately blew up with questions regarding whether Nikki was pregnant, with many claiming that Juan Pablo kept looking at her stomach and even pointed to it.

“We’re going to start today being ourselves,” Juan Pablo told Chris while looking at Nikki. “We’re kind of happy over the things we’re going to do next.”

And when Chris Harrison proceeded to question him about the specifics of their plans, Juan Pablo seemingly pointed and looked at Nikki’s stomach, saying “we have our plans.” (Check out the 9:52 mark and 10:30 mark in the video below.)


If that wasn’t suspicious enough, many fans believe that their new People magazine cover also hints toward Nikki’s pregnancy. The couple’s first cover (and possibly last since they declined to do more press) shows Juan Pablo with his hand over Nikki’s stomach. Nikki can be seen smiling and looking at him with her hand placed on top of his.

Was Juan Pablo Going To Propose?

bachelor Juan Pablo kept the engagement ring in his pocket, and instead chose to just hand Nikki the final rose during "The Bachelor" finale. Photo: ABC

Fans of “The Bachelor” (and Nikki herself) weren’t the only ones surprised when Juan Pablo chose not to propose … jeweler Neil Lane was too! In a scene that ended up being cut from the show, the jewelry designer met with the bachelor to pick out an engagement ring for his beloved.

“He studied the rings, and we talked about the differences between a cushion cut and an emerald cut,” Lane told People. “He liked that the cushion cut was a romantic stone. He was talking to me like a guy who is about to propose would talk, and he seemed to take it very seriously.”

Neil Lane continued that “sitting in St. Lucia and talking to him, it was clear he had a girl in mind and he wasn’t taking it lightly.” But as viewers know, Juan Pablo didn’t pull out the ring for Nikki.

If a proposal doesn’t happen on “The Bachelor,” the show’s producers hold onto the ring – which means that Juan Pablo didn’t have it in his possession when he appeared on the “After The Final Rose” special. However E! News reports that producers kept a Neil Lane ring “on standby” in case Juan Pablo’s “big surprise” was a proposal.

Was Juan Pablo Going To Appear On “Dancing With The Stars”?

Shortly after Juan Pablo denied having a “big surprise,” he made a comment about his future plans with Nikki and how they recently got derailed. As fans know, Nikki is based out of Kansas City while Juan Pablo lives in Miami with his daughter. Since their relationship is now out in the open, the initial thought was that the pair would move in together or move closer to each other. But as mentioned earlier, Juan Pablo told Chris Harrison that their plans “drastically” changed two weeks ago during the “Women Tell All” episode. Initially saying that their plans were a “private matter,” the single dad did confirm that their change in plans had something to do with information he got from production, not from something that happened during the episode.

The “Women Tell All” episode aired right around the same time that news broke that Juan Pablo would be “too risky” to appear on fellow ABC show “Dancing with the Stars.” Like Sean Lowe last season, producers had first thought that the Season 18 bachelor would be a great addition to the dance competition, especially since one of his passions is dancing. However a source claimed that there was “too much negativity” surrounding Juan Pablo.

The theory is that Juan Pablo had planned on being cast on “Dancing with the Stars” and was making plans to move to Los Angeles with Nikki.

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