After an explosive fifth episode of “The Bachelor,” fans will be sure not to miss what happens next. Juan Pablo and his eight remaining ladies may be leaving Vietnam behind for New Zealand, but they’re bringing the drama with them.

Episode 6, which airs Monday, will find Juan Pablo going on two one-on-one dates and one group date. And while eight women are still fighting for the single dad’s heart, only six will move on to episode 7.

What can fans expect from episode 6? We’re breaking down the episode: First One-On-One Date

Week six is Andi’s time to shine. After beginning to doubt her relationship with Juan Pablo, the 26-year-old assistant district attorney finally gets her one-on-one date with the bachelor. Juan Pablo takes his Andi on a speedboat ride to a “mysterious location” called “The Squeeze.” The pair will have to go through a cold and tight waterway in order to get to a beautiful waterfall and heated river. But their date won’t end there. The 32-year-old has a romantic dinner up his sleeves with “bubbling geysers as a backdrop.”

Group Date

Six ladies get to explore New Zealand with Juan Pablo in the week 6 group date. The seven of them head to a remote pasture for an adrenaline-filled day with an OGO. What is an OGO? It’s a human hamster ball!

After the group date, Juan Pablo takes his ladies to a fictional wonderland that was created for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit.” But the after-party won’t be all fun and games. The synopsis teases that one bachelorette is homesick and “makes her presence known to the bachelor.” And that mysterious lady isn’t the only one struggling in episode 6. Another bachelorette is “conflicted” and wants reassurance of her connection with Juan Pablo through the group date rose. Whatever the outcome may be, the after-party will conclude with a “shocking turn of events that leaves one beautiful bachelorette totally devastated.”

Second One-On-One Date

What is happening with Clare? That is the question on every fan’s mind after her late night ocean swim with Juan Pablo blew up in her face. Their confrontation in episode 5 left Clare crying and confused, and in week six she’ll try her best to “repair her relationship” with Juan Pablo. But can it be fixed?

The bachelor will take Clare on a private picnic in the New Zealand countryside, and the bachelorette will do her best to “mend her connection.” But she will continue to be outspoken as she tries to make sense of how everything unfolded after their night of “pure bliss.”

The Rose Ceremony

By the end of episode 6, only six women will move on to the bachelor’s hometown, Miami. But Juan Pablo might not be sending two contestants home. According to the synopsis, one bachelorette “comes to an important emotional decision about her blossoming relationship with Juan Pablo.” Will someone eliminate herself?

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