It’s time for hometown dates on “The Bachelor”! After a couple weeks of snogging and traveling the world with Juan Pablo, four lucky ladies will be bringing the 32-year-old single dad home to meet their families. It’s been a tough road to this point, and the previews for episode 8 tease that it’s not going to get any easier ahead.

For those that missed episode 7, Sharleen finally decided to eliminate herself after not reaching a “mental” connection with JP. And, while Juan Pablo was heartbroken, he understood and respected her honest decision. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only cut he had to make while in his hometown of Miami. With five girls remaining and only four hometown spots, JP decided to send science instructor Chelsie home.

So who's going to hometown dates in episode 8? The final four women in the running for Juan Pablo’s heart are Andi, Clare, Nikki and Renee.

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Andi, 26, is an assistant district attorney from Atlanta. While it took her until New Zealand to finally land her one-on-one date with Juan Pablo, their chemistry has definitely been undeniable. Whether it be sneaking into the L.A. Galaxy snack bar kitchen to steal some kisses or sitting down to talk about their feelings during this whole “process,” the pair have a spark that has led them to this point.

In episode 7, Andi landed the coveted final group date rose that would secure her not only one-on-one time with JP but also a spot in hometowns. Juan Pablo revealed that he definitely wanted to meet her parents, and Andi was ecstatic. A promo video for the upcoming dates reveal that her family might not be too happy about meeting him.

“Will you accept me and my daughter into your family?” JP asks Andi’s dad in the preview.

“It doesn’t matter,” Andi’s father responds. “The person that is going to be good enough for my daughter is going to come to me and say ‘there is no one else in the world for me.’”

The response could potentially be cut together for a more dramatic preview of episode 8, but there's no denying that Andi’s date will definitely be jam-packed with tension.

“I saw the disapproval on my dads face,” the bachelorette reveals. 


bachelor Clare Clare of "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC

Clare, 32, is a hairstylist from Sacramento, Calif. Since landing the first one-on-one date with Juan Pablo, the bachelorette has been in it to win it. And, while JP can’t seem to keep his hands off of her, they have shared some serious ups and downs.

“Bachelor” fans will remember that Juan Pablo decided to take Clare back to his private swimming pool in Vietnam during a group date with the other girls. The action was bold, but Clare took it to the next level later that night by visiting his hotel room and asking him for a late night swim in the ocean. JP couldn’t get his shirt off quick enough, and Clare described their time together as “pure bliss.” But things turned ugly the following night, when Juan Pablo pulled her aside to call their rendezvous in the ocean a mistake. Their relationship became strained with Clare, who's confused about what she did wrong, starts crying and questioning if they could have a relationship after the fiasco.

Fortunately, JP was able to turn the situation around in New Zealand when he took Clare on her second one-on-one date. The two hashed out their feelings and set boundaries before getting their romance back on track.

With Clare now in the final four, Juan Pablo understands how much hometown dates mean to the bachelorette. In episode 7, she not only explained how much her five older sisters mean to her but also revealed that her father left a video for her future husband before his death. Clare has yet to see the video and thinks Juan Pablo could be the one that she finally gets to hand it over to, but the promo for episode 8 shows that Clare’s mom has different feelings.

“To give a blessing I don’t think that we’re there yet,” Clare’s mom says to her surprised daughter. “You don’t know how I feel,” Clare counters. But Momma Clare isn't biting. “I don’t care,” she tells her daughter.

“Why are you doing this?” Clare asks with tears in her voice. “I’m not going to let you manipulate mama,” she responds.


Bachelor Nikki Nikki of "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC

Nikki, 26, is a pediatric nurse from Kearney, Mo. A front-runner this whole season, it seemed as if Nikki always had a rose in her hand going into the Rose Ceremony. Even though she didn’t have one going into the ceremony in episode 7, her relationship with Juan Pablo definitely took a big step forward.

She landed the second one-on-one date with JP. The bachelor didn’t take her on a yacht or to a private island. Instead, he took her to his daughter Camila’s dance recital. Besides watching his daughter, Nikki was also introduced to Juan Pablo’s parents and Camila’s mother, Carla.

Nikki and the viewers saw the date as a huge turning point in their relationship. But “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison warned fans to not jump to conclusions.

“Talk about a huge cultural difference,” Harrison revealed to TV Guide. “I thought it was a huge deal that he took Nikki to see his parents because that’s something you save for the final stages. When I said that to Juan Pablo, he laughed and said, ‘Meeting someone’s parents and family is not a big deal. You guys [in the U.S.] put so much pressure on meeting the family. In Venezuela, we usually stay with our parents through University and something after and if you’re with somebody of course you’ll know their family. It’s not a big deal.’ Was it a big deal to Nikki? Maybe so. For him it wasn’t a huge step, but the natural thing to do since they were in Miami.”

Juan Pablo’s family seemed to approve of Nikki. But will Nikki’s family approve of Juan Pablo?


Bachelor Renee Renee of "The Bachelor." Photo: ABC

Renee, 32 is a real estate agent from Martha’s Vineyard. Like Juan Pablo, Renee is also a single parent, and the two have definitely bonded over that. But even though they share a connection on that level, Renee and Juan Pablo haven’t been as physical as the others. Juan Pablo tells Renee that he wants to take it slow out of respect for her young son. He will have the chance to meet Renee’s little guy during the hometown date.

“I’ve never felt this way before about anyone,” Renee tells JP with tears in her eyes during the episode 8 preview. But will her son feel the same way? And will Juan Pablo’s connection with Renee grow?

“Bachelor” fans will have to wait and see which hometown dates fuel a relationship and which flop when episode 8 airs on ABC on Monday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. EST. Watch the promo video for the hometown dates below. What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.