Did Kelsey fake her panic attack on “The Bachelor”? That’s a question that has been plaguing viewers since the incident occurred in episode 5, and fans finally got an answer from Kelsey herself on the “Chris Tells All” special.

Kelsey, 28, a guidance counselor from Austin, Texas, became the Season 19 villain after displaying some “mean girl” behavior in “The Bachelor” house. Chris Soules sent her home in episode 6 after the explosive two-on-one date with Ashley I. in the Badlands, but the contestant returned to speak to “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison about her experience on the ABC reality show.

When Harrison revealed Kelsey was one of the “most controversial” women on the show, the cast member was shocked. “Really?” she questioned him. The “Chris Tells All” special replayed some of her clips, and Kelsey passed off her “narcissistic” behavior as a “flippant comment that was misconstrued as condescending.” However, she became defensive when asked if she faked her panic attack on the show.

“No,” she said. “It was such an emotionally tumultuous day.”

Kelsey explained she experienced both “good and bad” moments leading up to the rose ceremony. Good being her talk with Chris about her late husband, Sanderson, and bad being Chris’ reveal to the other girls that she stole alone time with him.

“Next thing I knew I had no control over my motor movements,” she added. “I never had a panic attack before but as a mental health professional I know what they are.”

What made the situation a little sketchy for “Bachelor” viewers and the other contestants was how quickly Kelsey managed to bounce back. The cameras even caught her joking with the set paramedic, telling the woman, “I’m going to get a rose tonight for sure.”

According to Kelsey, humor was the only was she could deal with the panic attack. “It was bizarre behavior and odd,” she dished. “Could have been because I was embarrassed and pulling myself together. … I’m surprised I could pull it off so well and fake it. I certainly didn’t feel OK.”

Whatever the truth may be, this could potentially be the last time fans of “The Bachelor” see Kelsey on screen. She revealed to Chris Harrison if she attends “The Women Tell All” special, she wants to give the other girls the “benefit of the doubt” but is “afraid it’s going to become a crucifixion.”