The drama on “The Bachelor” is just starting to heat up. Star Chris Soules surprised viewers by eliminating both girls on his episode 6 two-on-one date – Ashley I and Kelsey. Seven girls remain in the running to be the Iowa farmer’s wife, and Ashley I. is speaking out about who she thinks the frontrunner of Season 19 is.

According to Ashley I., Britt has the possibility to walk away the winner of Chris’ heart.

“I think I saw her as a frontrunner from day one when she got the first impression rose,” Ashley I. told the International Business Times during a press call Thursday. However that doesn’t mean that the other girls in the house aren’t worthy. “Chris has a great bunch left,” she dished of the remaining contestants, stating that she’s “excited” to see the relationships develop.

Her comments come just a few days after her emotional departure from the ABC reality series. While on the two-on-one date with Chris and Kelsey, Ashley I. revealed to the bachelor that Kelsey wasn’t meshing with the other girls in the house. Chris confronted Kelsey about Ashley I’s comment, and all hell broke loose after that. In the end, Chris decided to eliminate Ashley I., explaining to her that they are in “different places.”

“I don’t know that you’d be happy,” he explained. “I don’t think that I can give you the lifestyle that you want.”

Ashley I. burst into tears and asked Chris if he really thought that Britt was interested in his lifestyle. The comment at the time seemed as if Ashley I. was throwing Britt under the bus or calling her out for being on “The Bachelor” for the wrong reasons. However, Ashley I. told reporters that that wasn’t the case.

“She was only nice to me,” Ashley I. dished. “And I have nothing to think she was there for the wrong reasons.”

To clear up the confusion regarding a conversation a couple weeks ago about Britt not being interested in getting married and starting a family – a top priority for Chris, Ashley I. added that she only heard Britt say that she was in “no hurry.”

“I never said anything about Britt not wanting it in general,” Ashley I. said, explaining that other girls just wanted that more “urgently” than Britt.

Whatever the case may be, Ashley I.’s comment about Britt in episode 6 definitely hit Chris. The bachelor revealed in his People blog that he was “caught off guard.”

“It definitely planted seeds that came back to haunt me the next week, but you’ll have to see that for yourself,” Chris wrote.

“The Bachelor” will air a special episode on Sunday, Feb. 15, and a normal episode on Monday, Feb. 16.